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The Team American Saddlebreds.....ABC’s of Adoption....

What is the Adoption Application?


The adoption application requires anyone considering the adoption of a TAS horse to provide both basic and detailed information about the applicant.


Basic information

Our volunteers require "B"asic information to check all of our potential adopters references.  Please provide your full name, address and other information requested.  You might be surprised how many people leave out their phone numbers, home address or email addresses.



Why is a Contract required? 

The Contract is to protect both you as the adopter and the TAS-adopted horse.  Should you for any reason not be able to keep your adopted horse, the contract requires you to return the horse to Team American Saddlebreds.  The contract is basically a worst-case scenario that is particularly spelled out so everyone (TAS and the adopter) are on the same page.


Do you accept Donations? 

Team American Saddlebreds is a 100% volunteer organization and 100% funded by generous donors.  All donations received go toward caring for our horses or helping horses in need. 


Why do you want to know my Experience level? 

Please be honest about your Experience level when filling out the application.  TAS attempts to put the right horse with the right person, but if you are not completely honest about your skill level, this pairing will likely not work out for either horse or rider.  For example, if you have ridden for 10 years, does this mean you took lessons once a week for 10 years?  Or does it mean you have ridden daily for 10 years?  There is a big difference.

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Why are there FEES associated with the TAS horses? 

Why aren’t they FREE?  Team American Saddlebreds is a volunteer organization that operates exclusively through donor contributions.  We operate solely by donation.  All placement fees for the horses get turned around to help new rescues.

Do you Guarantee your horses? 

Yes and No.  We can’t guarantee that every horse will work with every person, but if a particular horse does not mesh well with an adopter, TAS will take the horse back.